HEAR: Two new Arcade Fire tracks “Speaking In Tongues” & “Culture War”

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  • 24 May 11

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Just when you thought you’d gotten away, turned that corner and hidden behind that bin, just when the furious banging on the door subsides and you tentatively climb out from under your stab & bullet proof bedroom duvet; and just when you assumed you could casually browse in the direction of your favourite sexy independent music blog (why, thank you) without seeing a post pertaining to those energetic Canadian indie rockers, they go and release a couple of extra tracks destined for the deluxe edition of their 2010 class act ‘The Suburbs’. Yes, those mythical extra recordings from Arcade Fire recently got their airplay virginity ripped from them at the cold hands of one Mr Zane Lowe of BBC, including “Speaking In Tongues” which features none other than king of cool, master of mad awesome and the sweet suit wearing sultan of swag (oh god) David Byrne.

You can listen to them both of those tracks below these very words with a little help from your auricula (oh yeah, I just threw some latin in this bitch, come at me) in roughly the same way that you’ve listened to things before. Go!

Arcade Fire – Speaking In Tongues

Arcade Fire – Culture War


  • Fionn

    So with the amount of band members they have – they just managed to produce something flat? Look at the sound waves – all pretty much in a straight line. Disappointing. Just not imaginative enough.

    • Anonymous

      I’d hasten to guess that the culmination of 7 or 8 people playing instruments all at once would create a wide waveform just because of the sheer density of the sound. Plus the small fact that these were recorded from the radio so are officially of shitty quality. 

      Love you though.

      • Fionn

        I disagree. The actual music behind it is nothing inspiring. They haven’t done much good since their first album. There is no “oomf” in it. Here is a band with quite a few members on different instruments that have that sound Arcade Fire have been craving: http://open.spotify.com/track/1f1gsGCLaJTrpuoU2kUS16