HEAR: Tim Heidecker beats Bob Dylan to the punch, writes 14 minute song about Titanic

tim heidecker
  • 25 Jul 12

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Great musical feuds of our time: Oasis vs Blur, Oasis vs Radiohead, Oasis vs Oasis, and who could forget such impotent classics as Oasis vs Kanye West. Ah, great times had with friends, but why should foul mouthed idiocy bot Liam Gallagher get all the fun? That’s right, he shouldn’t, the fun hogging bastard, who the fuck does he think he is, that shit? Thankfully, Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric fame, not to mention that fucking soft rock album he did) has stepped up to the plate and thrown down a gauntlet in the form of a 14 minute track about the Titanic towards complacent chainsaw voiced singing man, Bob Dylan. Here’s why;

“Recently, I read that Bob Dylan’s new album Tempest will feature a 14 minute song about the Titanic.

So I wrote this song to see if I could beat the Master to it. I can’t wait to see how close I got to the real thing!”

Tim’s Titanic can be purchased via his website, where all profits will go towards the various weaponry needed to keep old Bobby Dylan from cutting him up real nice. He’s going to need it.