HEAR: The xx perform live with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

xx philharmonic orchestra bbc
  • 20 Sep 12

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You’ve waited. The days have felt like an endless repeat of David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’, the nights have been grueling, made uncomfortable by cold sweats and a tremor which wouldn’t quit. We became accustomed to these feelings, this is the new world, we told ourselves. It didn’t have to be this way. It started with a post, innocuous enough, regarding the BBC’s intent to pair restrained indie types The xx with their very own Philharmonic Orchestra. The response was unparalleled, news spread quickly, first to English speaking nations, then to the rest through translation. People called in sick to work, children didn’t attend schools, whole industries crumbled, nobody minded. The world stood still, counting down the days until the prophecy was fulfilled. Today is that day, and by clicking any one of these blue words you’re reading right now, you too can begin the process of cleaning your month fecal matter out of the carpets (provided you live in the UK).