HEAR: The King Of Limbs Remix Vol.1

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  • 01 Jul 11

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You do remember those remixes Radiohead announced a while ago right? Well, I won’t blame you if you don’t, because I never wrote about them. Which means unless you’re cheating on me with another independent music blog, you are either completely unaware of their existence or you’re Thom Yorke. Either is fine, really. Anyway, the good news is that you can now hear the first two mixes from that elusive 12″ vinyl series right below these words. The entirely not-that-good Caribou remix of “Little By Little” and the downright beautiful Jacques Green mix of “Lotus Flower”, which gets chopped, cut, put back together and then taken out for a series of delicious dinner dates with a Korg. That sound like your sort of thing? Of course it does. Check them out below, hombre.