HEAR: The Flaming Lips Gummy Skull tracks (minus the gummy)

257 Flaming-Lips-Gummy-Skull
  • 23 Apr 11

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Hey, look! It’s The Flaming Lips. Those crazy guys love nothing more than releasing music in ways in which you’ll NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO OWN AS PART OF A PHYSICAL RELEASE, which is why god has given you a friend in YouTube. He’s the kind of friend who’ll burn you off a CD of something in the highest possible bitrate and then not tear your face off when you burn it off into a 128kbps mp3 to listen to via your bundled iPod headphones, oh yeah, he’s quite the gentleman. Therefore you shouldn’t be at all surprised that part-time YouTube’r and full time bro-for-life  has gone right on ahead and uploaded each and every track (all four) from the $150 fuckableedible gummy skull that he is absolutely not regretting purchasing this very second, you could probably thank him via sexual favours and/or a pleasant comment in the marked section, I won’t judge.

You can hear the first track above and the subsequent three tracks immediately below these words, because you’re worth it.