HEAR: The Cribs – On A Hotel Wall

  • 21 Jul 12

  • Hear


Being a Cribs fan of the highest calibre, there have been many moments where my devotion goes past staunch admiration and borders into waking up from a frenzied blackout to find Ryan Jarman locked in my basement. For example this year alone I saw the band 4 times within a month, even queuing up outside all day at one of the gigs to secure another ticket despite already owning one for weeks, just to be safe. You can never be too careful. Every scrap of live video promotion the band have put out this year, has been meticulously and undoubtedly been pawed over more times by myself than the film-makers and editors who shot the bloody thing, in a saddeningly  narcissistic Truman Show-esque version of ”Where’s Threshy”, almost blinding myself in the process of staring at crowd shots for hours on end. And then there’s that pair of y-fronts Gary wore for the entirety of their US tour I got off Ebay, but that’s another story for another time. Well its easy to understand why, upon hearing the news that the band’s latest B-side ”On A Hotel Wall” was recorded with Gary on guitar, Ryan on bass and Ross doing a handstand and playing with his feet*, I lost my shit. Trust me you should too. Recorded with producer David Fridmann, OAHW is another potently angsty 3:30 of wailing, chugging 90’s alt rock. Not entirely dissimilar from the heavier tracks found on this years In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull, the track was cut from the tracklisting at the last minute and was being considered for the bands next album, a testament to it’s quality as a standalone song in its own right. Not to be regulated as a b-side novelty by any means. Now if you’ll excuse me some of us have press cuttings, locks of old hair and discarded chewing gum to furiously masturbate over. GOOD DAY.

*(One of these facts MIGHT be falsified. I dunno. Use your brain or sumink.)