HEAR: The Cribs – Chi Town

  • 20 Feb 12

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Before I begin describing The Crib’s latest track ”Chi Town” in the most laboriously pointless way possible, I’d like to offer a word of advice to the socially inept subscribers of this here humble blog. Arranging to meet someone, be it a friend, love interest, business partner or duel participant is best done in as casual nonchalant way possible, NOT in the style of the shout-sing chorus/verse in the above track. Screaming ”MEET ME DOWN IN CHINA TOWN, IN LOGAN SQUARE UNDERGROUND, YOU KNOW THE PLACE YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE” is only acceptable in two scenarios.

1.) When you’re a bit dizzy because you haven’t had lunch and you’re bellowing at a friend down the phone to meet you in your nearest Oriental Super Street because you’ve got a hankering for some sweet and sour spare ribs.

2.) Hearing the moreish, instantly memorable hook of Chi Town revolve around your noggin so many times, that the only way to relieve the pressure is to hurl the words at the nearest wall like a drunk who thinks everyone and everything is looking at his ”bird”.

Produced by Nirvana overseer and LORD OF LOUD, FUCKĀ Steve Albini, Chi Town (first track from new album In The Belly of The Brazen Bull) is, as described by myself and fellow MiscMusic-ite Alec ”Crunchy like a mound of gravel chowing down on a box of Special K”. Pretty much as far away from previous album Ignore the Ignorant’s measured intensity as possible, Chi Town is a direct descendent of the band’s S/T and breakthrough record Men’s Needs Women’s Needs Whatever. It’s about as catchy as a common cold if a doctor’s waiting room full of people sneezed in your face for an hour and possibly the most punk thing they’ve ever committed to record. Just listen to it for gawd’s sake what are you waiting for?!

UPDATE: You can get the whole thing for free, you lucky, sexy thing. Just go here. (Thanks, Fionn!)