HEAR: The Avalanches – A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart

the avalanches
  • 21 Aug 12

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What were you expecting from the long, long awaited return of Australian cut ‘n’ paste legends The Avalanches? Well, judging from the groups prior statements about their long delayed second record, primarily that quasi infamous “it’s so fuckin’ party you will die” line, you might be waiting on the kind of huge giddy hooks that The Go! Team used to take such pride in, or even maybe some of Kids & Explosion’s mixed up party play. After all, those would be quite reasonable things to expect given our situation. Well, we have been proven asses, you and me, because The Avalanches have revealed their first new material in over a decade (this doesn’t count), a demo entitled ‘A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart’. The track features David Berman of Silver Jews fame waxing all poetic on love to a near inaudible backing track from the ever elusive group,  which comes together like a bizzaro-world version of Steven Jesse Bernstein in which he’s stopped being a genius, and turned his attention to professional letdownism.

Details as I get them, dear readers.