HEAR: Summer Camp – Better Off Without You

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  • 23 Jul 11

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Elizibeth Sankey, voice over artist, sometime writer and “young comedy actress” is in a band with Jeremy Warmsley, who is Jeremy Warmsley. Together they form the too-sugary-to-swallow-without-some-medicine synth pop duo Summer Camp, a group who once gave me a Kit-Kat Chunky at one of their gigs (it was like a chocolate orgasm). So it’s with great delight and the memory of our fallen wafer biscuit comrades to announce that the duo have returned after the solid 7/10 that came in their d√©but EP release “Young”, this time it’s with a track entitled ‘Better Off Without You’. Bringing you your daily dose of reasonable Debbie Harry impersonations, lush 80’s pop melodies and classically synthesised drums since the very second you pressed play. It’s likely the finest pop song of the year.

WHILE WE’RE AT IT: I neglected to write about their other new single, “I Want You”, a while back so here it is for your downloading pleasure.