HEAR: Sufjan Stevens playing “Pleasure Principle” live in session

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  • 26 Jul 11

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Okay, so we didn’t exactly know the song was called “Pleasure Principle” before today, but you might well of recognized it as the epic back end of the 25 minute musical odyssey colloquially known as “Impossible Soul”. Needless to say, ol’ Stevens was hardly going to let you forget how great a songwriter he is, was he? So dressed like the bad guy from a 80’s teen flick, acoustic guitar and pretty backing singers in tow, he rocked up at WNY Radio to bring us a decidedly toned down rendition of the track we barely noticed the first time around. You can hear it above.

Indeed, if all that singing shit doesn’t float your boat, you could simply spend a while screencapping moments in the video where Sufjan appears to be is reaching sexual climax. Here’s one to get you started!

Fun for all the family!