HEAR: “Sprawl II” and “We Used To Wait” rearranged live

206 arcadefireart
  • 17 Jun 11

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You’re never satisfied, are you? You get a new album, like the one Arcade Fire released back at the tail end of 2010, and while you think “hey, I’m digging this new-wave Sprawl II song” in the back of your mind the thought “what if they keyboard wasn’t there, and was supplemented by some string arrangements?”  comes to the boil. YOU DISGUST ME. Kidding, of course. I love you lots, I just don’t know how to show it. Not like them Arcade Fire kids though, no, because they recently took to WBEZ91.5 to record some stripped back, in house live sessions just for you; and even uploaded them onto the in-ter-net (yeah me either) for you to look at while “browsing” and “surfing”. Check out Sprawl II sans synth above and We Used To Wait being approximately 4x better below.