HEAR: Sébastien Tellier – In The Crew of Tea Time (Mr. Dan Dub Version)

  • 29 May 13

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Way back on the 20th of April, an annual, sleep deprived moment in history called Record Store Day forced the mole-like plastic fanatics out of their beds at an ungodly hour to stand in line to get hold of some records. Those records, ranging in quality from the sublime to the downright abhorrent, were central to the hopes, dreams and sometimes financial future (you know who you are, fuckers) of those in the cue. Amongst the strewn copies of Chas & Dave’s limited reprint of ‘Rabbit’ though,  Sébastien Tellier quietly released a pretty fantastic single with Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, which not only had a cool video, but as it turns out, one of the finer b-sides I’ve heard in a very long time. Now, moving past the stretch of time that’s happened between me thinking I wanted to tell you about it and me actually telling you about it, we can get down to the business of basking in its considerable glory. Mr. Dan’s reworking of the space-sex ballad is an almost entirely unexpected treat, swapping out the strings, synths, guitar and -sorry, Polachek fans- large amounts of Caroline’s contribution in favour of a fantastically warm disco bass line and a some bubbling electronic giggles, producing something not only properly brilliant, but also available to stream above. GO GET IT.