HEAR: S.C.U.M – Amber Hands

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  • 09 Jun 11

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S.C.U.M – Amber Hands by Mute UK

For the longest time now, I’ve pondered exactly what the acronym S.C.U.M stands for. Could it be SKINNY CAMDENITES URBAN MUSIC? How about SELF CONSCIOUS ULTRAMODERN MUSINGS? Or as someone who’s spent many a harsh night, glaring at copies of old VHS episodes of Miami 7, furiously shaking under the stress at what could have been, I can only hope for the sake of my psyche that what we see infront of us is S CLUB UNDER MANAGEMENT. Whatever the answer, the few things we do know about S.C.U.M i.e, they’re collectively so angular, that their parents must be Brett Anderson and a Picasso painting, their names are Tina, Paul, Bradley and Jo (PLEASE GOD, GIVE ME THIS ONE), and that they make a Skying shaped, The Jesus and Mary Chain meets MBV cacophony of reverb and euphoria, are enough to outweigh mysterious names and Fashion Week fanboyism. INFORMATION: Amber Hands (above yo) is out 18th July, and is taken from their debut set to drop September bound./END Not entirely dissimilar from The Horrors post Strange House, meanderings into noise pop, (a comparison I’m sure they never tire of…) Amber Hands is a soaring bombardment of dense scuzzy guitars, orchestral synths, and crashing visceral percussion, all of which is intercut with main man, Thomas Cohen’s softly enunciated, Lou Reed-alike vocals. All things considered, September could see The Horrors sharing their fuzz pop throne. No fighting over hairspray you lot, got that?