HEAR: Regal Safari – Veil

regal safari viel
  • 04 Sep 12

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It’s been a year since we checked in on our pals Regal Safari. The last time we did, Joe rambled with authority on the subject of their excellent debut EP ‘R G L S F R ‘, a record which has since made the near mythical journey from costing nothing to costing a still pretty reasonable £5. A great deal can change over the space of a year though, and true, those pre-2012 days suddenly seem halcyon in comparison. Thus far, we’ve seen Muse uprooting Skrillex for a place with a view of the bottom of the barrel (evidence) and watched on helplessly as the horrors of brostep continue to etch pathways through the wider popular music landscape, dropping filthy basslines as they go. It’s largely a good job then that Regal Safari were never really dubstep at all, sure, they had their moments (see the unbearably beautiful ‘Only‘), but the overwhelming vibe that their debut release was one of experimentation, of excitement and eclecticism. That trend continues with ‘Veil’, the first taste from their second EP, which shares more in common with Tycho’s latest record than anything Mount Kimbie or Burial have been playing around with recently. Sure, the pitch shifted vocals return, but this time they’re hidden in the mix, riding waves of lackadaisical synth as percussion and bass shift in and out of focus like it ain’t no big thing at all. It’s a beautifully arranged track, and one which signposts even greater things in the future of the Brighton duo.