HEAR: Purity Ring – Obedear

  • 24 Apr 12

  • Hear


Oh, to be a cool kid. One long music video in which nobody smiles and everyone is slightly better than everyone else. Everything is greener over at their side, everything, including music, holmes. So I assume you know what the coo’ kids are vibing off these days? Ha! What? You don’t know? Psshcht. It’s Purity Ring, by the way, a Canadian outfit whose first three attempts at mega-blog fame (roughly equivalent to coming second in your primary school’s egg & spoon race) have been met with the kind of rapturous applause one can only assume happens in the basements of people with nothing better to do. Horrible sarcasm aside, Obedear is just the right shade of faultlessly catchy, and you could do much worse than listen to it over and over and over again. In other news, we’ve now got ourselves on a official track listing for their forthcoming debut Shrines, one which proves once and for all you can’t be cool unless all your songs have incredibly short, abstract titles.

01 Crawlersout
02 Fineshrine
03 Ungirthed
04 Amenamy
05 Grandloves
06 Cartographist
07 Belispeak
08 Saltkin
09 Obedear
10 Lofticries
11 Shuck

Shrines drops on the 27th of July via 4AD.