HEAR: Parenthetical Girls – Curtains

parenthetical girls part v
  • 30 Aug 12

  • Hear


The other day, I warned you about the wallet draining nature of Parenthetical Girls’ latest -and final- EP in the Privilege series, Part V: Portrait of a Reputation. I told you of the high likelihood of it being completely excellent, and of how it would form the final piece in the puzzle of P. Girls follow up to 2008’s Entanglements. Today, I bring you the final track from that EP, entitled ‘Curtains’, a track which finds Zac Pennington utilizing his last few shreds of vocal restraint to a backdrop of gooey 80’s synths and throbbing bass before Brenna Murphey strolls in and steals the entire thing away with a outright gorgeous vocal performance, as she is want to do.

Pre-order the record here.