HEAR: Noel Gallagher – The Death Of You And Me

  • 27 Jul 11

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Despite big brother Gallagher’s insistence that this particular track’s title has nothing to do with the climax of THAT relationship, I think it’s pretty clear to anyone with the brain power of a brick (or Liam Gallagher…Come at me bro…come at me) who he’s referring to. The years of tortuous, petty arguments, the awkward periods where communication between you both was as strained as the world’s efforts to re-imagine Amy Winehouse as a genius, and all that talk of backstage fisticuffs… Noel’s appearance at his media love in for High Flying Bird’s (his debut out October 17th) spoke volumes. He’s fired the hairdresser responsible for this, instead swaggering into the scrum with this rather conservative do. It’s a split we sadly all saw coming, but set those worries aside, as if the above track tells us anything, it’s that Noel’s spending less time worrying about whether or not he resembles a freshly thawed prehistoric ancestor of Johnny Marr, and more time and effort into making his songs appeal to a demographic that doesn’t exist solely in working men’s pubs and football stands. The Death Of You And Me, could be considered the tumbling, ramshackle, country influenced cousin of Oasis oldie The Importance Of Being Idle. Taking its lead from the same melancholy marching band theatrics of TIOBI, the track throws in an array of instrumentation largely unseen in Oasis, most noticeable being the ragtime brass section, culminating in a middle eight/ending laden with so much parping, it would have Mark Ronson crossing his legs in frustration. Lad fans don’t fear there’s even a lil sumthin for you promo wise, with Noel shoving a vacant looking waitress into a swimming pool, WAAAAAYYYY BOOZE, LADS, BIRDS, IT’S 1992 WOOAAOHAOHAO burp.