HEAR: Moons – Bazaar

  • 02 Nov 11

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You enjoy squelching farty basslines, overlaid by a nostalgic sheen of Ariel Pink styled fret work and reverb heavy vocals, don’t you? Sure you do! If you don’t you better high tail it and fast before Papa Ogden wakes up from his afternoon nap and grabs his shotgun…we don’t take kindly to your kind round these rough and ready retro pop loving parts… Not much is known about Atlanta ambassador Patrick Canaday, that’s Moons (hurrr) to me you and the rest of the internet, except for a few seldom scraps of delicious, hastily sourced information:

A) Bazaar (above ya dingus) strikes a perfect balance between the gritty infectious bassline found in Twin Shadow‘s Slow, and the reverb heavy echo pop melancholy of Trevor Power’s Youth Lagoon project.

B) Joe Thresh seminal writer for independent music blog MiscMusic.net enjoys said track

C) It’s true I do

High praise indeed. Check that shit and yourself before you proceed in wrecking yourself above bro.