HEAR: Moonface – Fast Peter

223 Moonface-Organ-Music-not-Vibraphone-like-Id-Hoped
  • 24 May 11

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Moonface or Spencer Krug while inside one of his many musical disguises (you might remember him from such ventures as Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Dial M for Murderousness & Sorry, Wrong Closet) is a busy guy even without his solo output, so busy in fact that you might not have expected a follow up from his ’09 marimba jam classic (want it for FREE? Click here). Well, how wrong you were because the man with a 1,737km circumference face has appeared back on the scene with an entirely new EP entitled “Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped” and this track from it, called ‘Fast Peter’, a swirling, hypnotic mix of cascading organ sounds and wafer thin beats. On the downside though, there is a serious and damagingly small amount of vibraphone involved, but what can you do? HERE’S AN EXPLANATION OF THE SONG AND WHY WE WEREN’T TREATED TO AN EP COMPOSED ENTIRELY OF 2 NOTES.

I found the organ, bought it up, plugged it into big whirling speakers and powerful amplifiers, and got down to making some lush drones. But the lush drones did not come. You see, I have a little dude who lives inside me that loves pop music, and he sometimes finds his way into my hands. When this happens, my fingers move toward the catchiest melodies they can, like bees to flowers with the most pollen. It can’t be helped. The little pop-dude inside me turns a few notes into a melody and I say, ‘Okay, that’s nice little dude, a little poppy maybe, but nice, maybe we can use that once, somewhere in the song.’ And he says, ‘But wouldn’t you rather hear it over and over again? Maybe throw it in a few times now, and then a few times again towards the end of the song? And maybe that ‘drone’ in your left hand would sound better if you moved it up and down the keyboard a little bit.’ But then I say, ‘Come on little dude, I’m no fool, that’s just a chord progression you’re trying to get out of me. Next thing you know we’ll be repeating it over and over again, the melody will be a hook, and I’ll have made another random half-pop song.’ And then the little dude says, ‘WTF, man.’ And then I say, ‘Okay little dude, okay, party on.’