HEAR: Meadowlands – “Heaven”

  • 09 Mar 12

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What do I love more than ambient music? Well, Gillingham F.C, late-monologist Spalding Gray, Jasper Carr— Okay, I’ll grant you that, in the grand scheme of things, ambient music isn’t right at the top of the list. If my likes and dislikes were one of those neat Flash to scale diagrams of the universe and Jasper Carrot was the third biggest thing, then I imagine ambient music would be the size of a large elephant.

At any rate, I still know when I like something, and something that I have done started to liking is the track  I’ll post in a paragraph or two’s time. Combining summery synths with the cock-teasing repetition of early German progressive rock and blogosphere-sensibilities that steer it towards a future riding on RSS waves, “Heaven” by Meadowlands is reportedly inspired by surprisingly mild New York nights –

“Made this jam last night and sitting here at work with the window open and the sun shining in, felt it kinda summed up the present atmosphere in the Big Apple so I figured I’d upload it.”

Tragically, I woke up this morning with a thin layer of ice floating atop a glass of pink lemonade I had neglected to finish. Oh to live shrouded in pollution.

Heaven by meadowlands