HEAR: Los Campesinos! – Hello Sadness

  • 12 Oct 11

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It’s hard being patient, like the time I put the plastic bag over the head of that backstreet prostitute because I forgot to bring £5 and the cash machine was like 10 minutes away. I mean, 10 minutes? Fuck that. Thankfully, our mortal patience has finally paid off once again; Los Campesinos! have a new single. Can you believe it? I barely can, it’s like Christmas came early and gifted me the ability to stream new material from my favourite band, true madness. It’s entitled “Hello Sadness”, which is the same as their forthcoming album (came here expecting an album stream? Uh, sorry), and it’s every bit as obsessed with heartbreak, football and lyrical mastery as you’d hope from your very favourite musical septet. Traditionally this would be the point where I use the constant cliche of calling every new Los Camp song more “focused” and “driven” while still maintaining “everything that made me love them”, but because i’ve now done it in a post-modernist way we can all heave a sigh of relief and never speak of it again. It’ll be avaliable to download from October 14th.

In an unrelated note, Kim, if you’re reading this; we should hang out. Think about it.

Stream it above, yo.


  • JoeMisc

    If you ever insinuate that Los Camp is my favourite septet again I swear to god, say goodbye to walking.