HEAR: Like An Animal – Hatcham Social

  • 19 Aug 11

  • Hear


Scrape off the Orange Juice inspired, jangle pop jauntiness of old, before bolting a some 90’s nostalgia-grade, fiddly fretwork in the form of the intro. Sprinkle a whole host of layered vocals and acoustic guitars, (that despite what the band tell me), comes off a pleasant shade of Talking Heads, and what do you get? Well apart from an intro to a blog post that’s so tortuous, its like the Guantanamo bay of cliche, it’s  Hatcham Social’s recipe for reinvention (in conjunction with Delia Smith). Taken from newie About Girls out September 12th, Like An Animal is as much a Jekyll and Hyde/Werewolf aping beast, as its subject matter, with driven, clean cut acoustics, transforming into grizzly, growling distortion, and back throughout. Xylophone soloing, and haunted carnival organs are out understandably, as the theme here is less Through The Looking Glass, and more American Werewolf in London. Either that or the opening sample stating ”Tomorrow nights the full moon, you’re gonna change, you’re gonna become…a monster”, and the frequent, distant howling embedded deep in the track, is referring to a night out with Kerry Katona… There’s even a guitar solo of sorts, ushering the outro into a focused frenzy of feedback, a fuzzy fullstop in the new chapter of Hatcham Social, egging you to cut up your cardigans and pop on some plaid. HEAR ABOVE YO