HEAR: Lemonade – Come Down Softly

Lemonade Minus Tide
  • 06 Aug 14

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Look, I know you try not to think about 2012. I know, I understand, but you were so young then. I mean, wwere so young then, we hardly knew what we were doing, let alone what ‘hate crime’ actually meant. You thought it was a new brand of mints. But think on it, remember the sounds of that summer of 2012, it was Lemonade’s summer. Diver had just come out with that seamless blend of R’n’B sheen and we all went wild, but we’re older now, wiser even and Lemonade are have returned once more to release a new LP on Cascine, this one titled ‘Minus Tide’. In an ongoing celebration of this most joyous news they’ve also (rather generously) let us hear its second single, it’s a reflective R’n’B stunner entitled ‘Come Down Softly’ and finds the gang picking up roughly where they left us back in 2012 – atop a bed made of exclusively of balearic synths. You can hear the track above, or pre order the record over here.