HEAR: Kurt Vile – Life’s A Beach

  • 06 Oct 11

  • Hear


You’re aware of the drill by now surely? Lord/Buddah/Allah/Vishnu/Zeus/Noel Edmunds knows we’ve blogged about Kurt Vile and his unique brand of woozy, shoegaze inspired grunge folk previously, a fact you’d have embedded in your noggin if you weren’t busy slacking off Riding Joy in stolen cars, or toking on dooby’s like you were raised on the set of Jerry Springer. I suppose I can forgive you this once, but only because it’s you, (and by you I of course mean a faceless digit, in the slow trickle of readers who accidentally click on this website looking for this David Hyde Pierce Showtune.) Here’s an excerpt from the MQA (Misc Qualifications Assessment) revision hand book Vile Studies Section, so sit up and fly right…

1. Kurt still remains the stoner rock antidote to fellow, occasional weed obsessive, Nathan Williams aka Wavves.

2. The above cut should be considered an entity sent from the future, as its set to appear on Vile’s forthcoming EP The Creature available to you law abiding music buying plebeian’s on November 8th via Matador. As such you should treat it with the same reverence as the Myan’s did to the sun, in the belief that it’s actually some form of all powerful deity that could wipe you from existence. WORSHIP IT.

3.This post wasn’t very good, and for that I apologise. I’m tired OKAY?! Post your addresses below and I’ll get your time back to you A.S.A.P.