HEAR: Jonny Greenwood – Application 45 Version 1

  • 17 Aug 12

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Paul Thomas Anderson (or Parent Teacher Association to his friends) has another one of those films he makes coming out soon, it’s set to be called The Master, and no matter what may be quite obvious, it is absolutely not at all about Scientology, so, there. That film loosely based on the cult-like religion of Scientology (oh, damn it) has a score from Radiohead guitarist/fx bloke Jonny Greenwood, which means if you avoid the moving image like I do people with acoustic guitars at parties, you can see this as something of a sequel to his uncommonly excellent Bodysong and There Will Be Blood soundtracks. The first cut from that album is available to stream above, a startling orchestral number bearing the title of ‘Application 45 Version 1’ which was given away to those confident enough to pre-order the record. Here’s a track listing.

01 Overtones
02 Time Hole
03 Back Beyond
04 Get Thee Behind Me Satan (Ella Fitzgerald)
05 Alethia
06 Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else but Me) (Madisen Beaty)
07 Atomic Healer
08 Able-Bodied Seamen
09 The Split Saber
10 Baton Sparks
11. No Other Love (Jo Stafford)
12 His Master’s Voice
13 Application 45 Version 1
14 Changing Partners (Helen Forrest)
15 Sweetness of Freddie

The Master (OST) is dropping on the 11th of September, three days before the release of the sure to be bloody (ha! see!) perfect film, which you should obviously go to see.