HEAR: James Blake and Justin Vernon come together in “Fall Creek Boys Choir”

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  • 24 Aug 11

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And so, a whole 9 sexually pleasing posts since I first warned you of it’s impending arrival, James & Justin have unveiled the fruits of their joint labor. The song, with a title as self referential as possible (it’s the name of the recording studio, after all) is approximately 70% Blake and 30% Vernon and roughly 40% worse than anything they produced without each other. It’s a little bit like seeing a two beautiful people pair off to create a child with the face of Shane MacGowan, the voice of Gilbert Gottfried and the disposition of Keith Chegwin after a hearty bowl of sugar and an evening of running around naked on national TV¬†(one of those words will link to a fully nude picture of Keith Chegwin, choose wisely). Well, maybe not that horrific, but still. It’s, y’know, not a good song.

It’ll be on for least favourite fruit flavoured media purveyor on the 29th of August, and will be features on Blake’s forthcoming “Enough Thunder” EP.