HEAR: Hookworms – Radio Tokyo

Hookworms Radio Tokyo
  • 16 Apr 13

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Around these parts, we’re unreasonably fond of the Leeds based (hey, that’s where I’m from!) 5 piece Hookworms. From early single releases, to the groups outright brilliant debut effort Pearl Mystic, their winning combination of psychedelic noise kraut and blood sucking is something that’s never flinched in the face of the effusive praise being heaped upon it. Unsurprisingly, following that debut album, they’ve carried on being as wonderful as before, and are now offering a 7″ for the Too Pure Singles Club featuring entirely new songs, one of which is named ‘Radio Tokyo’, presumably after a undecipherable lyric howled during its 3:46 run time. The entire thing has been made available to stream above, and for those taken with it enough to want to own a their very own copy of it, you can subscribe to the singles club by clicking any of the words you’re reading at the moment (except this one).