HEAR: Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots a UFO

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  • 10 May 12

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Remember how earlier this year, 90’s legends Guided By Voices together once more to thrash around and produce a record with the worst album art ever (yes, that is what appeared on the sleeve)? Remember the mixture of comfort and disgust you felt seeing them awkwardly move around the stage once again? Of course you do, it’s painted on your face, for all time. But if you expected them to stop producing music now, you were deeply, deeply wrong. They’ve got a whole new record coming out on the 11th of June entitled Class Clown Spots A UFO (naturallyand this is the first cut from that forthcoming record. Thankfully stripped of the “we’re still hip!” lo-fi abstraction that plagued even their most recent release, CCSAUFO (yeah) instead highlights their frankly legendary talent for writing properly  irresistible hooks. Greater than that, it’s even got the length of a normal pop song. Who would have thought they had it in them, ey?

Hear it above, where you can also download it, for your SUMMER PLAYLIST 2012 DO NOT EDIT folder.