HEAR: Gorillaz, James Muphey & Andre 3000 collaboration “DoYaThing”

  • 22 Feb 12

  • Hear


Dig if you will, a picture, three obviously talented musicians engaged in a (figurative) kiss. “Hey”, you think, this is just crazy enough to work, what an original idea! But no, you’re wrong, you fool. Slung over its left shoulder, a bindle stick, densely packed with former catastrophic failures. So what of this, a Converse endorsed collaboration between Gorillaz figurehead Damon Albarn, LCD man James Muphey and Outkast’r André 3000? Well, it’s reasonably awful, but did we expect any better? There’s something intrinsic in the coming together of singular talents in which compromises are made to mash those disparate jigsaw pieces together. In this case, J Murphs is shoved way into the sidelines, his signature production flare seemingly AWOL and given only a high pitched vocal motif to play around with while Damon stumbles around his verses like a gaggle of very white, slightly too drunk 90’s hip hop fans conducting a mass singalong in the street. All the while André spits furiously over an increasingly tiresome beat and Zane Lowe pleads for a new Outkast album (it’s a radio rip, forgive me). So I don’t like it, but ultimately that’s not the goal, for that message, glance at the footwear above.