HEAR: Gold Panda – Thailand Chord Droner

  • 27 Feb 12

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It’s 2012, the year the world ends. You’ve made a sandwich, it’s decent. You went to the toilet an hour ago, you’ve scarcely thought about it since. The Brit awards won’t happen for another 12 months, the urge to vomit and cry remains, but it will fade. Everything’s going fine, just fine. But wait, is it? Of course not, your life is in tatters, you haven’t showered in 5 months and people have finally realized that the revolting smell around you isn’t actually the rotting badger you’ve been carrying around. Why? Derwin Panda, better known as Gold Panda, hasn’t released a new song in 5 months, a display which can only be described as utterly, unforgivably disgusting. Still, things come to those who wait (both good and bad) and all of a sudden we’re back here, heart in hand, ready to be swept away by Lord Samplesalotofstuff all over again. His latest musical effort is titled Thailand Chord Droner, released on Soundcloud it just so happens to come with the following deeply revealing description

tr606/tr808/mpc2000xl fuk about

So there we have it, folks, it’s Derwin, playing with his new buds Roland, Roland & Akai as they produce 2:12 of warm, Thai style beats for your aural pleasure. It’s unlikely to end up in it’s current form on any release, so hear it above and commit it memory, you really do smell.