HEAR: Ghostape – Like A Forest

  • 11 Nov 11

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Ghostape – Like a forest (demo) by Ghostcloud

They say everybody has one invention in them. I’m not sure who this shadowy ”they” actually are, but somebody definitely said it at some point. And those people were right, at least in my case. Recently I planned to appear on the BBC’s begathon that is Dragon’s Den with a lil sumthin sumthin I’m sure would have put me in packets of instant noodles and broken biscuits for life. A 21’st century re-imagining of the dream catcher, half sticky peel off the roll pest eliminator, half home-brand DIY Ghostbuster. Ghost Tape. Like fly tape but retooled by TOP MEN in a laboratory for the admittedly narrow poltergeist afflicted market. Today’s the day I gave up that dream, out of respect (and copyright reasons) for electronic tribal hop producer, musician and all round spooky looking fellow Ghostape. Much like Vanilla Ice and that weird rash that just wont clear up, Ghost is back with a demo force fed with those percussion heavy, jungle jigging pop elements of old. Unburdened by any strenuous lyrical musings, Like A Forest is exactly what it promises, a dense rattling thudding collage of sighing layered vocals and plucked guitar, offset by the primal booming of feral drumming. Basically a track that would sound just as at home jammed in a remote forest by an indigenous undiscovered tribe, as it does limping out of your computer speakers. Get naked, paint your body, start a fire in your front room, listen to this track, dance like Thom Yorke on strong Peyote, sober up after 3 days, salvage what’s left of your belongings above bro.