HEAR: Desaparecidos – MariKKKopa/Backsell 7″

15 Desaparecidos
  • 01 Aug 12

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After generously teasing we, the fans, with a roughly recorded new track from the reunited gangs first gig all those two months ago, living life in the way most police agencies and passers by consider “appropriate” has not been an easy task, like finishing a tub of Marmite within the space of a year, or queuing up the tape correctly so Paul McCartney isn’t shown as the time withered gentlemen he most certainly is. You know, real hard stuff. We may now find comfort in knowing all our emotional turmoil was not to waste though, because now, thanks to the steady marching of time, we have the groups first official output in 10 whole years, coming at you in the form of angst-ridden MariKKKopa (full story here) and uh, angst-ridden yet slightly louder Backsell, which because of the strangeness of exclusivity, is only available to stream here. Both tracks are excellent, obviously, which means that if you weren’t already, you should be at least very excited by the prospect of yet more Desaparecidos material, because I am, and I really don’t want to be alone in this. Seriously.

Feel free to purchase the single from midnight tomorrow (August 2nd) at the bands website, where it will likely sell out before you remember.