HEAR: David Lynch feat. Karen O – Pinky’s Dream

  • 28 Oct 11

  • Hear


David Lynch, ey? What are we to do with him? One second he’ll be off making a film so incomprehensible you’ll be eyeing up red lamps for weeks (that’s a reference, that is, did you get it? WELL DONE YOU) and the next he’ll be plunging himself head first into the world of slightly rubbish techno-wonkery. This one, from his forthcoming full length album entitled “Crazy Clown Time” features not only himself but also Karen Lee Orzolek, who extends the length of certain vowels at different pitches in a rare act that some refer to as “singing”. Madness, for sure. It’s all dense atmosphere, confused lyrics and spaghetti-western guitars, not to mention an entirely understandable structure, I didn’t think he had it in him. Still, it’s at least 600x better than his earlier efforts as “da nu tecno Lead Zepplin”, which is something rather than nothing, right? RIGHT?

Hear it via the waveform above. Oh, and while you’re at it; here’s a picture of David Lynch looking pleased at something you’ve done.

Great job.