HEAR: Clams Casino remix Florence & The Machine’s “Never Let Me Go”

  • 22 Mar 12

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Given the amount of sense it makes combining the hushed, overtly textural beatmaking ability of Clams Casino (his instrumental mixtape is available for free here, you deserve it) with the grandiose, huger-than-huge pop thunder that Florence Welch produces, it’s no small wonder (seriously, it isn’t) that the two have only just fumbled around in bed together. Consequently, what you’re about to hear, or already hearing, or considering to hear, is the fruits of that fleeting encounter and despite every chance of it turning out horribly, it didn’t. More than that, it’s bloody brilliant and home to a final minute to huge in scope that Soundcloud user “RLfNo” had this and only this to say in the few moments beforehand

Wait for it…wait for it…. there it is…. epicmonumentalkingmusic!

Epicmonumentakingmusic, bro! If you’re hungry for some sweet vinyl lovin’ (what, you are?) you can get the single over here for a absurd £50.