HEAR: Christopher Owens – Lysandre’s Theme // Here We Go

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  • 25 Oct 12

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Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Prince’s wardrobe from 1997. What do these three, seemingly disparate things in space and time have in common? The world found itself in a state of shared grief when they were lost. Hell, even those left starving in vast continents took a moment to grieve for the incredibly wealthy yet somewhat pleasant Princess Diana when she booted it off this mortal coil. Much the same could be said for Christopher Owen’s reasonably beloved band Girls, whom he called time on four months ago, leaving us with nothing but heavy hearts and the promise of some solo material very soon. Well, hold on to your metaphorical hats, because Christopher Owens has reemerged from limbo under the name Christopher Owens and has not only two new songs to share with you, but also news of an entire album on the way. Those songs, Lsyandre’s Theme & Here We Go go from horrible (the former) to fairly decent (the latter) are both avaliable to hear above, but the real horrorshow here is the typographical nightmare that Lil’ Crissy unleashes upon the earth with the artwork to his debut solo effort Lysandre. Just take a look at those horrid, serif type fonts, all curvy and OLE WORLD(y), it’s enough to make a pretentious bastard sick, it is. Here’s a track listing

1: Lysandre’s Theme
2: Here We Go
3: New York City
4: A Broken Heart
5: Here We Go Again
6: Riviera Rock
7: Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener
8: Lysandre
9: Everywhere You Knew
10: Closing Theme
11: Part Of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)

Lysandre is set to arrive on the 14th of January, 2012 via Fat Possum, you can pre-order your copy here.


  • Emilio Basa

    Interesting track. I didn’t see the the mixture of the flute and distorted guitar coming 🙂