HEAR: Boards of Canada’s new album live here at 9PM UK/8PM EU/1PM PST/4PM EST

boc album stream
  • 03 Jun 13

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Assuming you don’t live in Yermo, California, there’s a pretty decent chance that you missed out on Boards of Canada’s very latest attempt at getting people hyped for their freshest (and long overdue) LP ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’. Granted, letting roughly 20 people judge your music is one way to avoid publicity (albeit, in the most publicity friendly way ever invented), but what about the rest of us? We poor 6 billion that just aren’t fortunate enough to live in a town that Wikipedia describes as once having “27 gas stations with mechanics on duty”, hm? What about us? Well, put down the tear buckets and recently blunted objects, because those crazy Scottish brothers are offering us the chance to hear it too, this time in our very own lifeless wastelands (bedrooms) by streaming the album live over YouTube. Join us live as we sit here politely and listen along, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

On the off chance that the stream above fails, backups can be found here and here.