HEAR: Beck – ‘Cities’, ‘Touch the People’ and ‘Spiral Staircase’

  • 14 Aug 12

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Beck has been notably absent from our lives since his 2008 outing ‘Modern Guilt’, acting like the dinner guest who excuses themselves to go to the bathroom only to climb out of the window moments after the starter on the excuse of “other commitments”. They have been sad times, and sure, we might have been momentarily warmed by videos of his apparent clone throwing down, but alas, it would take at least four of those to make us whole again. Then came news, news that Beck had a single coming out on the ever surprising Third Man Records, news that he’d be releasing his new album as a book of sheet music entitled ‘Beck Hansen’s Song Reader’ with no musical accompaniment, a move which even The Flaming Lips might blink twice at. Dismayed, we turn to what may be the largest collection of Beck material we’re likely to get this year, his contribution to the PlayStation Network video game Sound Shapes. All three tracks find Beck playing with loops, experimenting with the interchangeability of textures and, in the case of ‘Touch the People’, sounding strangely like Flight of The Conchord’s 2007 masterclass, ‘Doggy Bounce‘.

You can hear the stand out ‘Cities’ above, whilst both ‘Touch the People’ and ‘Spiral Staircase’ are embedded below for your convenience.