HEAR: Atoms for Peace remix themselves, confuse everyone else

atoms for peace
  • 04 Aug 12

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A thought recently occurred to me, that Radiohead front man Thom ‘Thombola‘ Yorke is the inevitable, nay, logical extension to “That Guy”. You’ve probably met him before, in primary school he was the kid hiding behind objects to jump out at you but fell over before he could surprise you, in secondary he sat in the darkened corner of a music room, listening to grunge records and loudly tutting over the actions of others, whilst in college he donned a fedora (more recently, a bowler) and declared he was an anarchist, deeply contented his worldview was correct. It only makes sense, then, that if That Guy were to become a musician of note with an excellent solo career, he would introduce a new song not simply by sharing it, but by having him and his crew (yes) remix it, before sharing that remix rather than the original song. That, dear friends, is what we have here in Atoms for Peace’s (Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich and Flea) remix of their as yet unreleased track ‘Other Side – Stuck Together’, a song you can hear above in all its as to be expected Four Tet aping beat shifting nonsense. I mean, the man stood in London handing out newspapers in a flat cap, for fucks sake, there’s no way he isn’t That Guy.

Other Side – Stuck Together (Atoms for Peace remix) will drop as part of a limited release on 50 Weapons on the 6th of August, you can purchase it here.