HEAR: Atoms for Peace – Default

atoms for peace default
  • 06 Sep 12

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Remember how last time we heard from Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace, they were being like, totally out there by releasing their latest single’s remix before the actual track? A remix which they did themselves? Well, hold on to your behinds, because Atoms for Peace have thrown yet another curve ball at us, in the form of a previously unannounced single which dropped silently onto iTunes earlier entitled ‘Default’. The track, which isn’t the still forthcoming ‘Other Side – Stuck Together’, finds old Thombola slipping back into the familiar groove of this first solo effort Eraser, marking the return of the haunted house bass tones, percussive beats and ethereal vocals from Yorke that gave his previous album such a distinctive and beautiful timbre.

You can hear the track above, or purchase it from iTunes, if you’re that kind of monster.