HEAR: An unreleased and “fun” Perfume Genius track

  • 11 Apr 12

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What’s your definition of fun? I know, don’t tell me; it’s an evening spent making passionate self-love in the splendid company of all 288 episodes of ITV’s seminal game-show Golden Balls, isn’t it? That’s fine, lord knows I’ve spent many a happy evening in much the same way, but our Mike Hadreas, he’s an entirely different kind of monster. He recently released his penetratingly beautiful sophomore LP Put Your Back N 2 It to all sorts of acclaim (go buy it), though it’s not exactly what you’d describe as a great time. Understandably, not every song made it onto the final track listing, although one of those abandoned sad-bombs, entitled “Katie” has now washed ashore during a NPR session. Mike had this to say about it

 “It’s fun to play for me… Well, it’s not fun at all, actually. It’s one of the heaviest songs that I’ve written. It’s not fun. But sometimes ‘fun’ for me is feeling like I threw up afterwards.”

CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C’MON! You can hear it, alongside Hood, 17 & Take Me Home as part of PG-Tips session over here.