HEAR: Aldous ”Egyptian Hip Hop” Robinson – In Love

  • 27 Jun 12

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A long long time ago during a period scientists have phrased as the ”literally bloody ages ago”-era, their existed a brotherhood of musicians who called themselves Egyptian Hip Hop. Tales and myths of their doings were prophesied in an antiquated media outlet entitled ”The NME”, a collection of brightly coloured paper that was the indie equivalent of Heat magazine. Followers (but mostly idiots) cried ”are they the next Klaxons?!”, ”Next. Big. Thing.”, ”But this sounds fuck all like Egyption music OR Hip Hop”. And so it came to pass fans of the Egyptian Lover and bandwaggoning were cast into a deep depression, when about 10 minutes into their existence they went and buggered off to create swampy, drug fuelled, stream of conciousness jams that they’re seemingly never going to release.

Not ones for knowing when too much faffing about is enough, the lead singer has only gone and branched off and done some solo stuff. Essentially a Conan Mockasin produced Ariel Pink-esque number, In Love utilises everything that’s ”SO HOT RIGHT NOW” about lo-fi pop, and leaves you with a joyfully meandering breathy slice of minimalist synth pop. Presumably filmed on the set of Zach Galifiankis’ Between Two Ferns, the video’s got that whole ”filmed on betamax, transfered to tape, broadcast in the 90’s then recorded onto vhs” blur to it that Tonetta’s unintentionally mastered. Alex…Sorry Aldous has even done his hair and put on a bit of lippy for the occasion. You work it gir…guy…uh you.