FINALLY: Kindness – Cyan

  • 25 Sep 11

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In many ways Kindness (or Adam Bainbridge when he isn’t being a personified act of altruism) is the direct opposite of  Dev Hynes (or Blood Orange when he’s being one of your five a day). A nonchalant, secretive type, who’s output thus far extends to a low key, David Byrne inspired funk collage of stuttering basslines and lo fi harmonies, the b-side to which was  a cover. Go on, try and dig up some dirt on Bainbles, the furthest your surfing session is going to get you are sensations akin to eating a bag of sugar, whilst being berated by stories concerning fluffy kittens, as google bombards you with images such as this. Wade through the cyber swamp far enough and you could slip through the arse end of the internet to this very website, squatting in the who gives a fuck landfill that is page 5 of google (I think its safe to say, we’ve officially, sort of, made it.) It’s with a heaving blimp of irony then that it was Dev (presumably taking five from the marathon of music production that is his existence), who brought Kindness’ first material in three years to our wider attention, via his Facebook page. Self promotion sorrows aside, Cyan was well worth the wait.  Introducing wonky parping synthwork and delicate airy organs, over the shuffling disco beats and frantic meandering funk that’s become synonymous with Bainbridge’s aesthetic, it’s thankfully more of a continuation from Gee Up/Swinging Party than a progression. Arthur Russel aping vocals excused, Kindness’ sound is almost entirely unique trading off retro beat heavy disco affections, with subtly emotive chord progressions, marrying together an everpresent undercurrent of melancholy and  a masterful knack for creating lo-fi dance classics.

You can buy Cyan on 12″ through Terrible Records/Female Energy on October 5th, and in the interest of not waiting another 3 years for more material, I sincerely hope you do.