CRINGE: Coco Gordon Moore shames family name(s), parents watch on

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  • 22 Jun 11

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Imagine the pressure that Coco Gordon Moore must be under – her parents are two of the coolest people of all time, continue to be effortlessly innovative and helped invent the aesthetic which most ‘indie rockers’ still follow to this day. That’s a lot of pressure. Mrs. [insert my second name here] looks after old people and Mr. [insert my second name here] pretends to do something or other in a warehouse, I know I can’t emphathise.

That said, if my parents were Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, I’m pretty sure what I wouldn’t do is front an offensively bratty and derivative noise-punk-cock-rock band. Funny really, because that’s exactly what Hot Chocolate Gordon Moore has done. Silly girl.

Listen to Big Nils HERE. Particuarily noteworthy is the shitty song about something mildly offensive— OH WAIT THAT’S ALL OF THEM HAHAHA IT’S ALMOST AS IF THIS BAND HAS NO MUSICAL WORTH WHATSOEVER.


  • Sleepless

    why so much hate?

  • indierocklegend

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  • wowww

    ugh asshole

    you obviously don’t understand punk. go home and listen yr top 40 indie alternative¬†

    you deff know what yr talking about. 

    cock rock? what the fuck dude


    Sounds like noise pollution.