HEAR: Burial, Four Tet + Thom Yorke – Ego

285 burial
  • 17 Mar 11

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He’s a sneaky one that Thom Yorke isn’t he? Just as the internets’ clinging on for dear life, amidst an inferno of ” The King of Limbs PART TWO” tinged speculation, he goes and releases two distinctly not Radiohead, collaborative tracks with Burial and Four Tet. Ego is hardly surprising in sound (not to say its any less than brilliant), its exactly the understated, subdued, muffled mash of electronics, and dubstep beats you’d expect from a Four Tet, Burial meeting of minds. Everything  from the distant stuttering xylophone twinkling, to the spluttering trumpety synths piercing through the murky rumbling throbbing ”wub wub wub” bassline is a master-class in creating understated, minimalistic emotive electronic music. The single also sees T-Homme dusting off his sexual side for another outing, crooning ”I bet you get this all the time”, like some snake hipped, bowler hat enthusiast, drunk after a night of ”toddler at a wedding” dancing in a club. Here’s b-side Mirror, and as much as I’d like to line Yorke’s skinny jean pockets, by ushering you in the direction of the vinyl, its pretty much sold out faster than Odd Future’s Tyler.

(Love you really Tyler…)