BELATED: Hear new Thom Yorke tracks “Twist” and “Stuck Together”

  • 17 Jan 12

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Whoa-ho-ho there, where do you think you’re going? Step back, spend some time, there’s no rush. Now, a little birdy told me you’ve been ignoring old uncle Yorke, not responding to his texts and refusing to acknowledge his numerous, increasingly desperate voice mails. So what is it? Is it his eye? It’s probably his eye. It is a pretty strange eye, I’ll give you that. Although, it’s not like he’s without his plus points, though. Radiohead do have at least five 9+/10 records, as well as being a pretty formidable bleepy musician in his own right. So please, find some time in your busy, busy schedule to listen to his two latest solo efforts, titled “Stuck Together” and “Twist” respectively. Both of them fit rather comfortably into his cannon of sub-Flying Lotus efforts, which is a bit like saying they’re sub-totally brilliant, in this case, they’re just great. So, you know, get to it.


/information: Both tracks came from a swanky fashion event for equally swanky clothing label Rag & Bone, which means you can’t lay your grubby little mitts on them outside of those YouTube videos directly above. Oh, and that atrocity of an image? Courtesy of DeviantArt, remind yourself never to visit that website.