HEAR: Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun

  • 17 Dec 10

  • Hear


Beach House made one of this years best albums, that my friend is a fact, sort of… Being that all music is subjective and all that I guess you might not agree with me… Uh.. Anyway, Beach House made an album that I and many others enjoyed a great deal this year, which is why those of us who have access to the internet have been all excited at the prospect of a Christmas song from the Baltimore dream pop duo. It’s a melancholic take on the endlessly tired Christmas theme, stripped of all the traditional trinkets and pared down to a guitar, organ, sleigh bells (and a moment of blissful steel guitar). It’s hardly going to set your musical world on fire (unless four chord repetition is your bag), but if you happen to find yourself staring out into the snow capped distance just as the sun descends this winter, it’s going to make perfect sense.

Hear it above.