FREE STUFF: Chairlift – Amanaemonesia/Peculiar Paradise


Oh Terrible Records, it’s almost as if with your name you’re making  some sort of self depricating, post-post ironic joke usually resigned to the graffiti Morrissey scratches into the walls of public restroom’s the breadth of the country… (I’m onto you Moz…) Unless that is you’re one of those dowdy, bookish record labels with a Michael Cera trying to get any girl in any one of his movies level of self esteem, in which case it falls to me to tell you to pick that chin up, forget what other people think, I think that cardigan is just…nice. You always know how I like my Dev Hynes i.e stripped of his clean cut folk frivolities, and sullied by sustained exposure to hanging out with seedy tranny’s in New York. You paved the way to my unrequited romance with George Lewis Jnr‘s stash (he makes music too you say? huh), and somehow became the conduit through which Kindness released his first material for 3 years. To say that the above promo for (see above) was the tipping point convincing me to go on a hunger strike until record label marriage is legalized, is an understatement. Not only is  Amanaemonesia a track so seeringly retro with it’s stabbing airy synths and jittery jive bass, but it comes packaged with a video overlaid with lyrics, presumably set for those hipster Karaoke bars you hear so little about (mainly because they don’t exist). It’s only fair we have something to sing along to, as we throw ourselves around in spandex trying to recreate the video I spose.

You can buy the 7” of Amanaemonesia here via Terrible Records (aka Good, Maybe Even Pretty Good Records) and download the B-side here. END.