FREE STUFF: Phantogram – Don’t Move


Phantogram? more leik pants-lolman, amirite? No, no I am not right. Phantogram are in fact neither pants nor lolman, despite my previous claims otherwise. What kind of idiot would say something like that, anyway? Things have been reasonably quiet on the Phanty front ever since their 2009 release of the quite great (i say quite great, what I actually mean is threeproperlyamazingopeningtracksandthenanaveragerestofitwhichbalancesouttowardssemigreatness) debut album ‘Eyelid Movies’ and subsequent single releases. It’s almost as if they were too busy touring with everybody under the sun and working on new music to push out a hastily prepared and poorly considered follow up to their older material, but that’s unlikely, they probably just forgot they were in a band and got jobs in McDonalds or something. So here we have it, the lead single from their brand new EP ‘Nightlife’, it’s called Don’t Move, which does a grand job of explaining the title of this post doesn’t it? It’s a shimmering slice of sauntering, sexy, alliteration inspiring triphop. Replete with tricky beats, subdued sample use and Sarah Barthel’s dreampop-esque vocal tone alongside Carter’s typically noodley guitar lines, it comes off rather well indeed.

You can hear the song via the SoundCloud player above, which is where you can also download it for free- no sacrifices needed.