FREE STUFF: Kiss Kiss Fantastic – ‘Dark Matter’


What would happen, I hear you scream, if you took the extreme-noise shoe-pop of Lovesliescrushing and forced it to have wild unprotected sex with the ever approaching tidal wave of shit and fermented sewage that is fuzzy 60s-influenced beach bands a la the Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls or Best Coast Girls? Well, firstly, you might make something a bit more listenable, and secondly, the harsh manner in which you described the horror might completely destroy any chances you have of ever snagging an interview with a certain three bands.

The lovechild, I imagine, would be called Kiss Kiss Fantastic and it would be as disgusted with my previous analogy as everyone else is. The as-of-yet faceless group recently dropped a free album, which you can download and touch yourself to over HERE.