FREE STUFF: Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

326 blood orange

Ever the friendly gent Dev Hynes wrote a song just last week, and then posted it online for the world to hear, oh, it was also his birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Here’s what Dev had to say or, if you’re lazy. Here’s the important stuff;

Roughly one week ago — I was going through various things that needed to be done, starting from as soon as I woke up. When I decided, enough already.. I started working on a new song. I ended up so completely engulfed and wrapped up in it, so much so. That when I had finished working on it, it was 9:45 pm, and I hadn’t left my bedroom once

That’s dedication, holmes. The song itself falls into the Blood Orange side of things, so coastal guitars, a focus on space and a weird sort of catchy that you don’t hear that often. Anyway, its a free download and its just below so get downloading!

Merry Christmas! Heres a download link